Nestainer® Stacking Rack Systems:
    JLS Enterprises, Inc. has provided the Nestainer Stacking and Nesting Rack System for a number of applications where product protection, space utilization and economical storage requirements were required.
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Below are some examples of JLS Enterprises, Inc. Projects:
Pallet Rack Systems:
    JLS Enterprises, Inc. has designed layouts, provided Seismic Engineering Drawings with Calculations, provided the Equipment and Installed Pallet Rack Systems that meet the customer's storage requirements.
     The systems are used for a variety of storage applications in California and in locations throughout the United States.
Free-Standing Mezzanine Systems:
    JLS Enterprises, Inc. has designed and provided Mezzanine Systems to help our accounts utilize the space in their buildings to the maximum. 
2-Level and Multilevel Shelving Systems:
    JLS Enterprises, Inc. has developed and provided Multilevel Shelving Systems with Catwalks to provide storage in compact locations.
      The typical systems are used for document storage and parts storage in a number of applications  throughout the United States.
Construction of a 4-Level Shelving System for Document Storage:
    JLS Enterprises, Inc. has worked with architects and building contractors to provide a specialized 4-Level Shelving System within a Tilt-Up Building.  The shelving was designed to incorporate Air Conditioning Ductwork, Lighting and Sprinkler Systems, without sacrificing any aisle space.
Building in the Tilt-Up Phase
Start of the Shelving System Installation, starting along one wall.
Building Shelving Units through out the Building.
Adding Shelves to the 4-Level Shelving System.
Shelves in place in the 4-Level Shelving System.