JLS Enterprises, Inc. provides solutions to material handling problems.  The company was started in 1993 in Agoura Hills, CA and serves customers throughout the United States.

JLS Enterprises, Inc. specializes in helping customers find the best solution to their material handling needs.  We listen to what our customers want, analyze their needs, provide options for their solutions and provide the product or service that fits their needs.

Our engineering background and knowledge of the industry helps us provide the best solutions in both practical applications and economical choices.

We represent a number of well respected manufacturers throughout the United States and can draw upon our own expertise and that of our suppliers to create the best solution for the situation.  We are constantly trying to find ways to “reuse” existing equipment to make the solutions economical and practical.

Our design services include complete building layouts, rack and shelving design, Seismic Engineering, providing of materials, delivery, permitting and installation.  We have licensed engineering support and provide professional licensed contractor installations throughout the United States.

If a “standard” item does not exist, we have the engineering expertise to design and have fabricated the material handling equipment for the application.

We specialize in “hard-to-find” equipment, and welcome the opportunity to help companies find solutions to their particular material handling requirements.

Our company’s success is built on the philosophy of making sure that the customer is satisfied and the equipment provided is the correct product for the application.
Material Handling Solutions and Systems

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Typical Pallet Rack Installation in large warehouse and distribution operations.
Made in America
We are strong believers in supporting American made products, and
we use only American Manufacturers for the Products that we provide.